About Us

Two cousins… born the same year, miles apart, but destined to be more than just family.


Tristessa Osborne

Tristessa, a founding member of Fishin’ Chix , founder of LOLA World, and co-founder of Chix Adventures, is excited to bring women together to fish and fill their adventure bucket. She believes in her LOLA motto ‘Live Out Loud Always”. She has a passion for teaching, community initiatives, mentoring and inspiring young women to be anything they want to be in life. Tristessa is a 2001 graduate of University of West Florida, later earning her Master’s degree in Management from Troy State University in 2004. Her sidekick is her 90 pound Goldendoodle, Edgar, who is looking forward to meeting you. Woof!

Joy Radulovic

Joy, cousin to Tristessa, who has been more like a sister to her throughout their years, co-founded Chix Adventures in 2016. Joy hailed from NY and grew up in the beautiful waterfront suburbs just north of NYC.  Her love of the salt air and water drew her to the local yacht club where she became the first female launch operator on the harbor, inspiring others to follow.  She will tell you those were the greatest summers ever!  Joy attended the University of North Carolina-Greensboro for two years before finishing her degree back in NY.  She holds a BBA in marketing and a minor in law, from Pace University in Pleasantville NY and works full time as a business consultant.   She is also an active WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) competitive bodybuilder and figure competitor, turning PRO as a Master’s Figure Competitor in 2014 after a 10-year hiatus.